Online ACT services are available to experienced lawyers who seek to expand their career path choices beyond legal practice;  in law firms, business, specialized professions, politics, and government, as well as pursuit of nominations to corporate boards.Eolis International Group coaches partners, general counsels, legal executives, and politicos on the mindset of a savvy networker in the process of a career transition both for legal management roles and corporate board seats. In the new world of professional and social networks, bloggers, and tweeters, EOLIS will assist you in identifying  critical resources far beyond obvious key relationships required to ferret out unique opportunities in the C-Suite and on corporate Boards

​ACT Consultation Menu

  • Biographical Material Review
  •  Jump Start Search Plan
  • Employer and Board Seat Targeting
  • Contact Networking Tools
  • Public Profile Assessment
  • Online Search Resources
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Self-Protective Online Reputation Management


  • Collaboration on Biographical Materiails
  • Interview and Presentation Coaching
  • Marketplace Research and Trend Studies
  • Employer  Sourcing
  • Networking Strategies
  • Outreaches to Decision Makers
  • Employment Arrangements
  • Client Management


​We Collaborate With You

From  the beginning and through the entire process  we focus on efficient and productive engagement; in aggregating the list of valuable contacts, making purposeful connections, discovering and staying on top of potential opportunities, and turning powerful networking contacts into effective reference providers that will assist in clinching  a desirable new adventure!.