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Dicey Legal Recruiting Fees

(NEW YORK, NEW YORK) The matter of legal recruiting fees has become thornier than ever, as law firms, increasingly, seek to renegotiate placement fees—shortly before (and sometimes after) an offer has been made and accepted by a high- powered rain

Submitted By staff on Apr 15, 2017

Brothers Don-Trump and McGahn

While the public hears, daily, from media and political pundits about the new President's contingent of advisors in the West Wing-- the name Don McGahn, Chief White House Counsel has yet to evoke a serious riffle.

Submitted By staff on Jan 24, 2017

Welcome to new EOLIS BLOG

For many years, EOLIS has produced blog posts on an external site and we have published articles at various digital media outlets.

Submitted By staff on Jan 03, 2017


Asking productive questions is a key element to an effective negotiating strategy in business, politics, and card rooms.—where I have spent a fair share of my spare time.

Submitted By staff on Oct 22, 2015


Matching your negotiating strategies to  your negotiating personality is as critical to client development as it is making a deal or winning a case. There are four basic negotiating strategies.

Submitted By staff on Oct 22, 2015