Civic Affairs

Since the inception of EOLIS, Wendeen H. Eolis has been an active leader and supporter of initiative to improve life and welfare for others while contributing substantial time to elevating the standards of the executive search and coaching industries.  A generous donor of time and funding to non-profit organizations, she has drawn into her projects a deep commitment to giving back. EOLIS researchers, project directors, and affiliates are among the avid participants in projects Wendeen takes on in government and civic affairs.. Wendeen's extensive experience as chief operations officer and civilian commander of Hope's Champion Task Force provides sharp reminders that one's good fortune can be turned on its head--at any moment.  . So, Wendeen opts to steps lively in civic affairs as a board member and advisor to numerous non-profits-commited to  improving life for others, less fortunate..

Wendeen H. Eolis

Embracing Causes

  • Disaster Recovery Operations
  • Educational Opportunity
  • Child Welfare 
  • Medical Research
  • Empowerment of Women
Others' Trials Our Responsibilities

Recovering from a disaster requires cooperation and celebration of its success. The Gulf Coast oil spill was unfamiliar territory, but in free time from her role as Chief Operations Officer of Hope's Champion Task Force, Wendeen dove into the disastrous aftermath and celebrated at a a fund-raising concert of joy with the best of the best jazz musicians from the local area.   



Executive Search Industry Activism

National Association of Legal Search Consultants
Founder and first president, established first two initiatives; first industry code of Ethical Conduct,  first annual educational conference 

​Association Of Personnel Consultants, New York State  ​
contribution to modernization of Employment Agency Law

Presidential Citation for Law Student Intern Employment
(President Ronald Reagan White House Luncheon, 1981)




Wendeen steps lively in civic affairs, as well; she has served as a board member and/or as a special advisor to numerous non-profit organizations and educational institutions.She is also a uniquely experienced public official/public servant.