City/State Public Service

Wendeen Eolis was introduced to politics and government by her father, who served as a senior New York State official during her childhood. Following in his footsteps of public service, Wendeen has worked inside government and in political corridors of power as an advisor to mayors,governors and state legislators on both sides of the aisle before assuming her current leadership role as  Commander of HOPE's Champion Task Force.

Gracie Mansion - NYC Governors' Executive Mansion - NYS

Wendeen Eolis Loves New York!

Wendeen served as an advisor to New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in his assessment of alternatives prior to leaving his position as the US Attorney (SDNY), and became a member of his inner circle during his first two mayoralty campaigns. During his first year in office, she was on his transition team and assumed a senior advisory role on City Hall operations, Law Department matters and Public Affairs. Wendeen went on to become first  assistant to Governor George Pataki in 1995 and has served as an outside special advisor to  government agencies for the past two decades, most notably as the civilian commander of Hope's Champion Task Force--since 2002.   

In the mid-70s, while president of APCNY, the statewide personnel trade association, Ms. Eolis was credited as the leading force in overhauling New York State's employment agency statute.