EOLIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP The Legal Consulting Authority

About EOLIS International Group

EOLIS was founded in 1967 by Wendeen H. Eolis . She chose the path of a trailblazer, beginning her business as a research arm to huuman resource departments interested in JD credentialed candidates. In 1969, she nailed down seed money from Cravath Swain and Moore to open an executive search firm exclusively for attorneys.Cravath gave her a  "grant," and a gig, and set her up with another client propsect to pitch. Wendeen quickly settled into her calling as the inventor of the legal search industry.



Cravath Swaine & Moore and Port Authority of NY put EOLIS on the map

An ever evolving Company, EOLIS three core businesses are attorney search, legal career coaching, and outside counsel management. They operate under the umbrella of Eolis International Group. Additional EOLIS talent optimization services for the C-Suite and Boards of Directors, operate under the banner  of Wendeen Eolis Enterprises .



The Legal Profession is in Wendeen Eolis' Blood!

  Beginnings (1967): Recrutiing JD graduates for legal, and business jobs   
EOLIS incorporation 1969: Establishing first search firm strictly for lawyers
10 Year Mark: Performing legal counsel reviews for C-Suite and Board Rooms 
20 Year Mark: Effectuating global reach with a network of affiliated consultants 
30 Year Mark: Advising executives and senior talent on employment agreements
40 Years: Adapting to  2008 economy with reformulated services and fee structure 
45 Years: Transitioning EOLIS management roles to our next generation innovators