Eolis institute Workshops

The path to leadership excellence begins with self-evaluation, moves forward in the development of skills as a listener and as an interviewer. It requires  stretching the power of observation and unending perseverance in the analysis of information. 

Leadership Institute

  • One on One Consults
  • Interactive Seminars
  • Master Classes
  • Special Lectures
  • Outside Events  

12-Point People Reading System

  • Define Your Negotiating Style
  • Obey Your Listening Laws
  • Invoke the PEP Principle
  • Pinpoint Your Targets
  • Work Your Muscles
  • Maximize Your Strengths
  • Discover The Big Picture
  • Adjust Your Focus
  • Shake Up The Dynamics
  • Stay in "The Zone" During a Crisis
  • Satisfy Your Thirst For More
  • Blend and Balance Information

Top Leadership Tips

Take stock of strength and weaknesses; Listen to words and omissions; Probe, evaluate, and then perform; Expand your contact network; Exercise brain power; Take well-calculated risks; Watch your step and your stride; The devil is in the details; Stay central; Observe; Grow ideas; Keep and Share Knowledge.