HCTF Public Service

Wendeen Eolis was introduced to politics and government by her step-father, a senior New York State official, during her childhood.  Early on in her business, she renewed  connections to New York-based officials on both sides of the aisle. In 1978 Wendeen became a confidante and advisor to Rudy Giuliani as he proceeded up the ladder, continuing in that role during his Mayoralty until  she accepted the position of first assistant/ senior advisor to Governor Pataki. Following the events of 9/11, Wendeen led myriad initiatives in the development of disaster recovery counseling programs, frequenty utilizing her specialized expertise in legal counsel reviews. Hope's Champion Task Force was the outgrowth of those activities..

Inspiration for Hope's Champion Task Force

Her programs, desiigned to assist government agencies in the U.S. were exported overseas to assist foreign government allies and survivors of catastrophes, notably terrorism and weather -related events. Today, as the chief operaitons officer in command of HCTF's crisis management assignments related to legal affairs, Wendeen oversees special counsel selections across jurisdictions that span the globe--from tribal villages to large states, and international bodies.  

Shortly after the great tsunami, Wendeen  was named commander of HCTF while working in tribal regions of Indonesia. As Commander of HOPE's Champion Task Force, and as an experienced crisis consultant  in legal counsel selection,  her expertise is sought by federal and international officials including senior members of foreign governments.