Since its inception as a one woman operation with just two  attorney search assignments--one from Cravath Swain and Moore and the other from the  Port Authority of New York--, Eolis International Group has been an innovator in attorney searches, attorney career coaching, outside counsel reviews, and related  legal consulting projects. The New York Times has  described the business of EOLIS  as having "the ties that bind the legal fraternity."

Cravath, Swaine & Moore and Port Authority of NY put EOLIS on the map

An Original Business  Plan

Eolis International Group was the first search firm exclusively for practicing lawyers, funded with assignments from Cravath Swain and Moore and the  Port Authority of New York.

In 1967 Wendeen Eolis set up an independent attorney placement desk, having already predicted in a university thesis, "a massive legal profession"  and a "cottage  industry" for legal search. The goal: a global business.

20 Year Mark

Eolis International Group became an international legal consultancy with a worldwide network of affiliated legal consultants.

The Company  has tracked more than 250,000 attorneys, 2,000 law firms  and businesses;  performed more than 2,000 assignments ; has initiated  a novel  Attorney Career Transition Strategies (ACTS) Division; and has reviewed outside counsel prospects for more than 100 million dollars of legal services revenue.

30 Years; Another Watershed Moment

Eolis International Group evolved into a  streamlined legal consultancy for the most senior level positions for partners and chief legal officers. The Company formalized its Attorney Vetting Services  Division to serve  governments  as well as the private sector and elevated counsel reviews to emphaisze complex evaluations.

40 Years; Big Milestone

Eolis International Group;scored its most productive year in all three of its businesses at the height of the Great Recession, thus proving itself adaptable in a changing market that required excursion fare-based fee structures, contingency placement options and smaller project teams. .

45 Years; At the Top of Our Game

Eolis International Group accepts sophisticated assignments from a discerning client base that embrces our commitment to diversity and expects a world of negotiating experience and expects excellence !