Law and Business

EOLIS advises leaders in law, business, government, and specialized talent in the management of complex and varied legal/business matters. EOLIS emphasizes plain dealing and simple logic as the foundation for success.

Counseling the C-Suite and Boards of Directors Reviews

EIG's unique expertise in counsel selection, retention, evaluation, and relationship counseling, across a broad spectrum of industries, is offered worldwide.

Counseling Law Firm on Talent Initiatives

EIG counsels law firms in partner acquisitions, firm mergers, reorganizations, and consolidations, with a view toward optimizing relationships and profitability.

Counseling law departments on relationships

EIG assists legal executives in building the most effective in-house legal departments with emphasis on the acquisition of outstanding talent and 360 degree evaluations.

Media Relations

EIG advises law firms, businesses, government agencies, politicos, and specialized talent in connection with their interaction with the media on their high profile legal affairs issues.