Law Department Consulting

Eolis International Group advises corporate law departments in connection with lateral acquisition plans for  senior counsel and other legal and qausi- legal positions and assists in strategic growth and consolidatio nplans of legal departments. and  evaluations of legal personnel relationships within the company.

EOLIS consultants remain unruffled by animated debates

Personnel Expansion

EOLIS assists clients in the development of criteria and procedures for internal search committees, the use of legal recruiters, and the art of attracting effective referrals of viable candidates.

Personnel Reorganization

The company advises law law departments on workable plans for engaging, revising, and separating employees; taking into account preservation of individualo dignity while promoting the objectives of the  company. .

Personnel Performance

Recognizing that productivity is a function of competence, cohesiveness, and commitment, EOLIS performs 360 degree evaluations for corporate law departments, with a view  toward a three- pronged goal:: enhanced productivity, morale, and profitability