Read people effectively and take command at any negotiating table! EOLIS Institute for Leadership weaves business, experience, political consulting, and academic training in social sciences  to create lectures that are spot on de and hold nothing back in the assesment of others' negotiating expertise and opportunities for  improvement. Speakers tell it as it is in board rooms, "situation rooms," and even shark-infested card rooms.

The Power of Words: hearing is more than listening

Influence the Listener

You will hear what can really influence clients, bosses, colleagues and adversaries at the table as she schools lawyers, executives, politicians, specialized talent and card players on the finer points of power poker, the mind-bending game of bets, calls, raises and folds that is only sometimes played with cards.

Discover how to read an opponent quickly and address unspoken resistance as well as stated objections. Get terrific comebacks for statements such as "I agree with you, but..." or "I can get a better bang for the buck elsewhere," and learn the importance of shifting gears in conversation and at the poker table.

Probe for Nuggets

Lecturers pass on key statements to use when you don't have immediate answers. "I don't know" isn't one of them (nor is "I'll call" in a poker game). Getting important information from others and sizing it up quickly requires a solid strategy. They offers communication techniques that can speed up the process.

An energized teacher, trained by the Institute's founder, Ms. Eolis, they also entertains her diverse audiences. They use a balance of expertise, clarity and humor, keeping participants engaged by placing the "ah-ha" moments throughout each presentation. She revels in taking the listener through the perils of bluffing to the power of playing to one's strengths.

EOLIS lecturers include lawyers, executives, entertainers, politicos, and poker players, whose sucessful negotiations have placed them at the top of their game. Wendeen H. Eolis counts 40+ years of experience as a collabortive career coach, 10 years of public service in city, state, federal, and international government initiatives, as well as ten record-seting performances for a woman as the basis for her lectures and assesment of qualified candidates for EOLIS Institute's lecture events.