Our Team

 EOLIS is a family business founded by Wendeen H. Eolis.  EOLIS teams are led by a senior level professional within the family's management group.  Each team  generally consists of a project director, an associate consultant, and  researchers, as needed.  The  teams are customized to insure top notch relevant skills and abilities and personalized service from the team leader.  EOLIS  team collaborators includes experts in the legal profession, business, and human capital management.

A global network of affiliated professionals huddles on projects

EOLIS professionals agree to subscribe to the policies and standards set forth in the Company's Commitment Pledge.

Enlightened Management

The New York-based team is led by Wendeen Eolis  for select projects; unique and complex assignments that require an innovative approach informed by the the wisdom of  substantial experience, broad connections and unlimited access to the most probing researchers.  

EOLIS leads the way in diversity and humanitarian initiatives.