Public Service Overview

EOLIS supports the public service initiatives for which Wendeen Eolis has been recognized at the local, state, and federal level, and overseas. And from time to time,  law student interns and affiliated EOLIS  consultants accompany Ms. Eolis'  on her special assignments here and abroad.

Hope's Champion Center Stage

The seeds for her leadership of Hope's Champion Task Force were planted in Vietnam, where Ms. Eolis led a mission to assist Vietnam War widows. Following the events of 9.11 she treated public service as an obligation. Her role in HCTF has evolved into a labor of love. 


Wendeen Leads Mission in Vietnam

In addition to the diverse crisis counseling projects going back to the aftermath of the Vietnam War, EOLIS companies have provided significant pro-bono manpower for HCTF mandates. Numerous EOLIS associates are also active in public affairs, not-for-profit boards, charitable foundations, and community-based advisory counsels.