Relationship Counseling

EOLIS works with clients in perfecting the complex people reading skills, intellectual analysis, and due diligence that defines the most successful negotiations.

Playing in the Sandbox Effectively

Advising the C-Suite

Advising Boards of Directors

Advising Senior Executives

Advising Specialized Talent

Human Resources Initiatives

Leaders in the private sector, government agencies, and other high profile professional talent rely on EOLIS for innovative techniques to enhance relationships internally and externally. The Company advises clients with respect to employment issues arising from mergers, consolidations, reorganizations, and downsizing activities. 


EOLIS works closely with leaders not only to facilitate planned corporate integration and downsizing objectives, but also to accelerate critical personnel initiatives for emergency preparedness planning and disaster recovery operations.


EOLIS assists clients in the development of recruiting and retention programs to attract and retain minorities, women, and other "protected classes." The company also creates mentoring programs designed to optimize relationships, thus facilitating broader promotional prospects.