Task Force Commander

Following the events of 9/11, Wendeen Eolis led a cooperative effort among companies and representatives of government agencies to develop  disaster recovery counseling programs.  Increasingly she was asked to utilize her highly specialized expertise in assessing legal counsel needs and to evaluate lawyers and law firms for sensitive and esoteriic projects. Hope's Champion Task Force was the outgrowth of those activities..

Inspiration for Hope's Champion Task Force

With the significant help of lawyers willing to work pro bono and EOLIS law student interns willing to travel at their own expense, Wendeen created a program to assist both government entities and displaced survivors, focusing on the diverse legal matters that arose from disastrous events. Programs desiigned to assist government agencies were exported overseas in cooperation with foreign government allies and friends. 

Today, HCTF's primary mandate is to recruit, vet and assist in the selection of special counsel in connection with emergency preparedness planning initiatives and disaster recovery operations in cooperation with government officials and their partners in diverse  jurisdictions, from tribal villages to large states, and international bodies.  

Shortly after the great tsunami, Wendeen  was named commander of HCTF while working in tribal regions of Indonesia where hundreds of thousands of lives were lost and a model for recovery  operaitons, initially was unimaginable. As she learned after the WTC attacks, necessity is the mother of invention--and workable plans.       

As Commander of HOPE's Champion Task Force and an experienced government affairs advisor, Ms. Eolis' advice is sought by federal and international agencies, as well as senior members of the executive branches of foreign governments.