About Wendeen Eolis Enterprises

Wendeen Eolis Enterprises advises companies, leaders in business and government and specialized talent on negotiation and decision strategies and is a leading resource  for high level candidate due diligence assignments . Specialized services include executive consulting, leadership development, board candidate due diligence reports, and optimization of relationships with counsel. EOLIS provides legal management-business consulting services in various regulated industries with unique in-depth expertise in the gaming space. The Company trademarks are a pioneering spirit,  innovation grounded in common sense, and enhancement  of human capital.    


E-O-L-I-S  Mission

  • Excellence
  • Openness
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Success
Aristotle resonates

In Aristotle's words, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." An unyielding faithfulness to timely delivery of exceptional service is part  of our DNA.  

We match our deep commitment to exceptional service with dogged determination to promote excellence as well as to excel, ourselves--beyond client expectations .

Our mission is wrapped around our core values  of Excellence achieved by Openness in  communication, Leadership in facilitating desired changes, Integrity in processing conclusions, and Success in delivering more than promised. 

We believe that tapping into the intellect and experience of our clients is as  crucial to successful collaboration as is the specialized expertise EOLIS professionals bring to the table.

We recognize the power of our partnering  and recognize that  valuable strategies may be  hidden in plain sight or over the rainbow. . 

We take as much pride in the quality of our relationships as in the financial benefits that may be derived from them.