Wendeen H. Eolis

Public Service and Humanitarian Commitments

Wendeen Eolis currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer in command of Hope's Champion Task Force, overseeing post 9.11 crisis counseling programs and disaster recovery  initiatives particularly including vetting of suitable counsel. She advises U.S. and overseas officials,government agencies, survivors and families of victims. Wendeen previously served as a senior advisor to Mayor Giuliani and as first assistant to Governor Pataki..

A long history of corporate entrepreneurship 

Wendeen Eolis began her career as a legal/management consultant in 1967. In 1969 she invented the legal search industry with a view toward optimization of human capital in the legal profession. An innovator in career coaching and transition services, she soon created customized programs that extended her reach into C-Suites, government, and a world of specialized talent. And then she established a singular niche in outside counsel reviews.

Wendeen's ever-expanding experience--as a headhunter, legal consultant, government official, casino board advisor, and winning poker player, led to her founding a consultancy exclusively for gaming clients and a leadership institute that elevates negotiating strategies and advances "people-reading." skills. Wendeen's 12 Steps to People Reading Excellence are the foundation for motivational speeches, seminars and workshops for corporate events and individual clients.

Wendeen's Renaissance World

Wendeen steps lively with New Yorkers for Children, (member BOD) and the International Women's Forum (member Women's Corporate Board Initiative).

A classical pianist, a gourmet cook, and a table tennis champion, Wendeen is also conversant in French and Spanish.

Wendeen was the first woman to cash in the World Series of Poker and the first to do so twice; she is an active commentator/journalist in the poker world.

The CEO, civilian commander, director, dean, journalist, and power poker player surrenders completely to tango and salsa partners on the dance floor.