Wendeen H. Eolis Game Plan

EOLIS provides advisory services to casinos, tribal nations, online gaming companies, and organizers of live poker tournaments. Our gaming industry activities began in the late 1960s. Initial clients in Las Vegas were casinos transitioning from family operations to corporate management. British casinos consulted us in connection with newly overhauled gambling laws. Today, our gaming client roster is worldwide.

Game On

  • Commercial Casinos
  • Tribal Gaming
  • Attorney Searches
  • Counsel Reviews
  • Legislative Affairs
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Executive Consulting
  • Event Consulting
  • Policy and Rules

Expansive Client Matters

EOLIS has represented scores of casinos in diverse matters, significantly including selection of counsel, placement of lawyers, 360 degree evaluations of personnel, and development of special events on and off casino property sites. An internationally recognized poker tournament player, Wendeen Eolis provides unique expertise as a tournament consultant, hostess, and keynote speaker.

Regulatory Affairs Specialty

EOLIS consultants provide advisory services to casinos, online gaming companies, and Indian tribal nations, and poker tournament organizing companies. EOLIS also prepares special reports, position papers, and white papers related to operations and activities of offline and online gaming companies in connection with government affairs assignments. Wendeen Eolis has served as senior advisor to Governor George E. Pataki (NY) on commercial and tribal gaming issues with substantial responsibility as liaison with General Counsel's office and the legislature.

A member of the World Series of Poker Players Advisory Council and past chairman of the World Poker Association, Ms. Eolis is a leading advocate of responsible gaming and a proponent of legalized, taxed, and regulated Internet gaming operations.