Eolis International Group coaches partners, general counsels, legal executives, and politicos on the mindset of a savvy networker in the process of a career transition both for legal management roles and corporate board seats. In the new world of professional and social networks, bloggers, and tweeters, EOLIS will assist you in identifying  critical resources far beyond obvious key relationships required to ferret out unique opportunities in the C-Suite and on corporate Boards. 


Successful employer targeting is a dance that requires expert navigation, incorporating familiar steps with with innovative twists and turns! Social Media Counseling takes a deep dive into public profile assessment, self-protective online reputation management AND the new essential --a perfected LinkedIn Profile; expanding client base, C-Suite prospects, corporate board opportunities.

We Take Clients Through the Process of Engagement:

  • aggregating the list of valuable contacts
  • linking valuable contacts with prospective employers
  • making purposeful connections with decision makers
  • staying on top of potential opportunities
  • turning powerful contacts into effective reference providers