Institute Director

Founded by Wendeen H. Eolis in 2006, Eolis Institute for Leadership provides advanced training in negotiation strategies, often using gambits used at poker table as metaphor for effective strategies in complex transactions. Her path to Eolis Institute was paved with a combination of curiously-related stepping stones, notably including; music studies integrated with academics, a degree in philosophy, with honors in argumentation and debate and a corporate lease negotiation with confidence in a fledgling business plan that had yet to insert numbers. Savvy assessments of potential to score a home run are the heart of Eolis Institute of Leadership.    

Classical Pianist 
HS  Performing Arts
 BA (Philosophy) 
NYU at the Heights 
 52 Vanderbilt, 1st Lease     

Eolis Institute  Explores Negotiations in a New Light

Under the direction of Ms. Eolis, The Institute emphasizes mastery of people reading skills in tandem with thorough analysis of  negotiation options, plain dealing, and common sense ! Eolis Institute clients include lawyers, executives, marketers, finance specialists, business executiives, politicos, and special talent. With more than four decades of deal-making experience Ms. Eolis says, “Every transaction is a poker game filled with bets, raises, calls, and folds that are only sometimes played with cards."

People Reading Secrets are Revealed

EOLIS Institute offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced people reading programs that integrate and build on the strategies introduced in Wendeen Eolis' manual Secrets of The People Reader (publication, 2008). The Institute provides in-depth examination of the 12 Point System to People Reading Excellence, offering comprehensive study of negotiation and decision making strategies. EOLIS Institute's programs dismiss the notion of mysterious aptitude and put comprehension of complicated psychological research to the side; instead, they emphasize the connection between common sense and four fundamental strategies to excel in both professional and personal pursuits.

Wendeen began to develop her people reading expertise as a musician,  in the halls of the High School of Performing Arts in New York City. Advanced piano lessons highlighted the value of "perfect pitch" beyond the keyboard, and the ever-emoting student body of dancers, actors, and musicians offered plentiful opportunities to observe people in all manner of activity. 

In a full curriculum of college philosophy studies, Wendeen  focused on argumentation and debate. She soon concluded: "The art of persuasion is directly correlated and commensurate with one's  people reading skills," especially verbal communications of words and silence.  

As entrepreneur of a start up executive search firm for lawyers, she soon learned that her stock in trade would be sizing people up quickly. With a world of partnership deals, corporate legal counsel retentions, and law firm mergers under her belt, Ms. Eolis says "Negotiations are poker games filled with bets, raises, calls and folds that are only sometimes played with cards."