Eolis Institute for Leadership

Established in 2006 as part of Wendeen Eolis Enterprises, Eolis Institute for Leadership provides advanced training in the optimization of  decision strategies.  Collaboratively, we identify negotiation DNA  and use a highly honed, proprietary people reading system that integrates the power of keen observation with substantive verbal people reading expertise. The Institute often uses gambits from the poker table as a metaphor for effective strategies in complex transactions in situation rooms and board rooms. Customized programs provide a defined path to mastery of negotiating expertise that enhances success across the board--in life!

Wendeen H. EolisElevating Negotiations

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Customize Your One-on-One Coaching
Develop presentation alternatives
Optimize strengths; conceal weaknesses

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Unlock Your negotiating DNA Power
Master 12 Point People Reading System

Four Key Negotiating Strategies; Choose Wisely!

  • Absolute Strength: Operating with the goods
  • Comparative Strength: Operating with a marginal edge
  • Potential: Operating with opportunity to leap frog ahead
  • Position: Operating with advantage of hearing others first 


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