Face Time with Wendeen


WHE/ NYC Police Commish Bill Bratton  

In a meeting, by invitation of the Association for a Better New York ABNY), the Mayor schooled business and civic leaders and a sprinkling of politicos in the crowd, on his determined vision for Equity and Excellence in NYC public schools—for all children.

Wendeen’s visits  with Israel's Consul General, Ido Aharoni at his New York residence.

The New Year had gotten off to a good start; an eclectic group of business and public service projects was on the boards.

It is a tradition!  Sharon and Wendeen celebrate the holiday season, sharing their love for Manhattan; restaurants, theater, museums, and, the must see Alvin Ailey dance company. The joy of Ailey's longtime signature  piece, Revelations, never runs out of joy. 

Blues and country singer Luther Kent, a NOLA native, gives Wendeen a big hug during her annual post Katrina visit.. They celebrate the City's resurgence.

Like all who had the good fortune to cross paths with Jay Oliva throughout his illustrious career as a pre-eminent educator, and quintessential steward of NYU,  I mourned his passing April 17th, very personally.

Wendeen reconnects with Mary Jo White, SEC Chair,  at WFNY breakfast, asking how she balances expansion of corporate accountability with tradition of allowing corporations to agree to high financial penalties while refusing to admit to wrongdoing.

Wendeen was there with her step dad at the late Lew Rudin's  Florida "Shangri-la,  listening to two great story tellers--Lew, the legendary NY real estate mogul  and Wendeen's Dad, a senior  pol in Albany for thirty years. Lew's family preserved Lew's stories and celebrated them in style with a book party at the Four Seasons.

Wendeen listened to the tribute to Nelson Mandela at his memorial  service in Soweto with first-hand knowledge of the joy, strength, and pride the South African liberator brought not only to his people, but to all who he befriended.