Face Time with Wendeen

  • Wendeen and Al Gore meet up again in a different environment, before his presentation at New York’s most renowned and extraordinarily beautiful synagogue, Temple Emanuel. Last time around, Wendeen met with the former Vice President, shortly after he was defeated in the 2000 presidential campaign, while engaged in an attorney vetting assignment for the Florida recount.

    Mr. Gore’s commitment to the environment over the ensuing years has been a major focal point not only for him following public service, but for a world that cannot escape the problems of pollution. On this evening... Read More

  • Wendeen and Bill take a photo after chatting amiably about their  acquaintanceship which dates back to his first stint as NYC Police Commissioner under Mayor Rudy Giuiani. Their first encounter came when each was advising the Mayor during a moment of potential racial unrest in New York. On his watch, for two Mayors  20 years apart, Commissioner Bratton did New York City proud.  He left public service in 2016--shortly after Wendeen’s photographed visit in his conference room, that took place during a tour of the police operations at Police Plaza with the Women'... Read More

  • In a meeting, by invitation of the Association for a Better New York ABNY), the Mayor schooled business and civic leaders and a sprinkling of politicos in the crowd, on his determined vision for Equity and Excellence in NYC public schools—for all children. But, he was pointedly mum about public schools that are currently accessible only to specially “gifted children. “

    As a graduate of one of those schools, and having been motivated to do the necessary to qualify for admission, I was beginning to lament the prospect of a school system void of special opportunities for those who... Read More

  • On the occasion of his third address from the Oval Office, President Barack Obama insured that all of the optics were aligned--for his fellow Americans and his worldwide viewers. Uncharacteristically, he put the brake on his penchant for off-putting references to "MY administration," using the phrase only once. Instead he chose more unifying and inclusive words, generously, and for emphasis invoked "my fellow Americans" twice.   "No Drama Obama "was at his best, in a voice that allowed for suitable passion but disavowed ... Read More

  • Wendeen’s visits  with Israel's Consul General, Ido Aharoni at his New York residence. It was an intimate gathering of esteemed women leaders, active in the Women's Forum of New York and the International Women's Forum, in  advance of  this year's cornerstone conference in Tel Aviv.

    Ambassador Aharoni and Wendeen chatted about their mutual community of interest and the solid  ties between Israel and New York. Mr. Ahoroni has been in the forefront of Israeli diplomatic initiatives since 1991 with a strong emphasis in  New... Read More

  • The New Year had gotten off to a good start; an eclectic group of business and public service projects was on the boards. And then came an offer Wendeen could not refuse; an invitation to participate in a live poker game to be televised on CBS Sports.

     The player roster was as eclectic as any she had ever seen; lawyers, poker pros, a movie reviewer, and James Woods, the MIT educated actor, were on the list.  

    Some 15 Years ago Wendeen and Jimmy struck up an acquaintanceship at a poker tournament in California, each intrigued by the other’s... Read More

  • It is a tradition!  Sharon and Wendeen celebrate the holiday season, sharing their love for Manhattan; restaurants, theater, museums, and, the must see Alvin Ailey dance company. The joy of Ailey's longtime signature  piece, Revelations, never runs out of joy. 

    Last weekend Ailey paired Revelations with  the beautiful new Odetta, a tribute to the legendary folk singer, at the Saturday matinee--a  tip Sharon bestowed on Wendeen.  And Wendeen returned the favor,  tipping off  Sharon, an avid civil rights activist... Read More

  • Blues and country singer Luther Kent, a NOLA native, gives Wendeen a big hug during her annual post Katrina visit.. They celebrate the City's resurgence.

    Wendeen's HCTF team assisted in evacuations and selection of counsel for NOLA residents following chaos at the Super Dome in the aftermath of Katrina.  

    Luther sings to Wendeen and friends in the beautifully refurbished Carousel Lounge at the Monteleone Hotel where superb service and the best massages are routine.

  • Like all who had the good fortune to cross paths with Jay Oliva throughout his illustrious career as a pre-eminent educator, and quintessential steward of NYU,  I mourned his passing April 17th, very personally.

    It was Jay who insisted that I trot into my history class with infants in tow, rather than cut his class at the lofty NYU University Heights campus. .

    Jay was a cheering fan and forceful motivator for kids like me, who had no parents... Read More

  • Wendeen reconnects with Mary Jo White, SEC Chair,  at WFNY breakfast, asking how she balances expansion of corporate accountability with tradition of allowing corporations to agree to high financial penalties while refusing to admit to wrongdoing.

    Breakfast was lively, Mary Jo kept us on our toes; discussing her responsibilities and authority with a dollop  of humor  and heaping respect for  communication that is down to... Read More