HR Negotiator

Wendeen Eolis brings to the table diversified experience as a negotiator and decision strategist; as an interviewer who probes deeply, as a government adviser who sets and enforces boundaries. and as a career coach, hired as a change agent by clients who are often resistant to change.  She relies upon her keen understanding of negotiating DNA and her 12 step people reading program to make pragmatic and chancy judgment calls and has been rewarded with getting them right most of the time.

There are  four key negotiating strategies.; Masterful negotiators expand their negotiating expertise with study and practice and learn the skills needed to apply each major strategy.  An understanding of  negotiating DNA is critical to play to your strengths and conceal your weaknesses. 


Wendeen H. EolisIntegrate Strategies

Key Negotiating Strategies     

  • Absolute Strength: Operating with the goods
  • Comparative Strength: Operating with a marginal edge
  • Potential: Operating with opportunity to leap frog ahead
  • Position: Operating with advantage of hearing others first 

Wendeen's negotiating prowess is tested, constantly, in telephone communications. The absence of the usual body language signals and behavioral clues make it critical to be a good listener and to comprehend exactly what that entails. She has concluded it consists of  three steps; listening, hearing, and processing what one hears. One of the keys to be a good listener is embodied in the PEP principle-- Probe, Evaluate, and then Process! In chapter 2 of Wendeen's  12  Step People Reading System, she instructs her clients to use the PEP principle and in chapter 2 she urges them to "Obey their Listening Laws.  

Under the banner of EOLIS-EIG, Wendeen added negotiating expertise to attorney career management services, recognizing it was the next level in optimizing human capital. She counsels JD credentialed senior practitioners and legal executives notably including lawyers who seek corporate board roles. Under the auspices of Eolis Leadership Institute, Wendeen expands her negotiating expertise and cognitive decision strategies  to serve  top level executives, C-Suite personnel, and special talent, promoting more opportunities in C-Suites, Corporate Board Rooms, and  elite roles in Government.  

Her skills as a negotiator continue to evolve with the application of complex powers of observation, including identification of  an individual subject's "negotiating DNA" and utilization of her verbal people reading system which is designed   to optimize the prospects for expanded success in life.  An upcoming book--"Raising the Stakes--in Law, Business, Politics, Card rooms, and Beyond--" is in the works; part instructive memoir and part entertaining history of her trials and triumphs in the art and science of negotiation. 



Wendeen's 12 Steps to People Reading Excellence