Leadership HIghlights

Public Service Highlights

Hope's Champion Task Force, Chief Operations Officer (2002-Pres)
Civilian commander (title established 2005 )

First Assistant / Senior Advisor to Governor NY  (appointment 1995)
First woman in state history; advisor, state agencies (1996-Pres)

Special Advisor to Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (1978-1994)
Career and political and government senior advisor; member of inner circle    

Legal-Business Consulting Highlights

Founder/CEO  first search firm exclusively for practicing lawyers

Founder/CEO of singular consultancy specializing in legal counsel selection

Founder/CEO  of first career management consultancy exclusively for lawyers 

Founder/CEO of unique leadership consultancy specializing in "negotiating DNA"   

Special Advisor to C-Suite and Corporate Boards (Legal Affairs Management)
Representative Examples:Caesars (BOD) GTE (CEO) TWA (C-Suite) Citicorp ( Vice-Chair) Time Warner (Chairman) La Semana (family owners) 

Pioneer -- Law Student Intern Program (1967-present)
 Initiative with leading law schools; Whitehouse Citation presented by President Ronald Reagan

Author/Lecturer; Verbal People Reading System
 EOLIS 12 Step People Reading System   

Professional Industry Associations - APCNY, NAPC, NALSC,

​Association of Personnel Consultants - president (1974-1975)

National Association of Personnel Consultants - member, board of directors (1975-1976)

National Association  Legal Search Consultants - founder/president (1984-1985)

World Series of Poker Players Advisory Council (PAC) Member (2006-2011)

World Series of Poker International PAC, Chair (2006-2009)

World Poker Association -Chair, Vice Chair (2007-2009)

Personnel/Executive Search Industry Awards

Lifetime Service Award (APCNY);  Distinguished Service Award (NALSC)

Civic/Community Affairs Highlights

NYU Law School, Special Advisor (2006-2008) 
Member, Dean's Advisory Council

New Yorkers for Children, Board Member (1999 - 2016)
Member Nominating Committee (2 years), Audit Committee 1 year)

International and NY Women's Forum ( (1999-present)
Member, Program committee; program presenter

City Meals on Wheels (1994-present)
Participant,  Women's Power Lunch (Executive Committee, 2 years) 

WNYC, Board Member, 1994-2000
Mayoral appointment and private sector election 

PENCIL, Principal for a Day Program (1994-2000)
PFAD principal; Manhattan International, LaGuardia H. S. for Performing Arts