EOLIS specializes in the review of  lawyers and law firms for the legal profession and clients of legal services and advises individual talent on employment/separation matters. We are matchmakers, relationship counselors, and strategists for  top  level legal searches, outside counsel selection and career transitions. EOLIS proudly supports Wendeen Eolis'  public service and humanitarian initiatives.

EOLIS Career Transition Services Expanded

NEW YORK (Spring 2014) Based upon EOLIS' updated  findings in a survey of lawyers over 60, EOLIS is moving forward with a customized attorney career transition services (ACTS) division  to serve the needs  of this segment of the  population of attorneys looking for "new adventures."

Truths and Consequences of Compulsory Partner Retirement

NEW YORK (December 2013) Results of EOLIS' survey of senior partners (over the age of 60) at New York law firms indicates a large scale schism with law firm management over the time table for compulsory retirement of partners. One of the harshest criticisms leveled at law firms in their responses is firm failures to provide transition service's funding and/or in-house programs to assist these lawyers in exit strategies that will allow them to pursue new adventures (productively).

Wendeen queries Mary Jo White

Wendeen reconnects with Mary Jo White, SEC Chair,  at WFNY breakfast, asking how she balances expansion of corporate accountability with tradition of allowing corporations to agree to high financial penalties while refusing to admit to wrongdoing.

Obama Said to Give Thumbs Up to Barton Bill

Eolis analyzes and commentates on the likely trajectory of the most recent online gaming bill introduced by Congressman Joe Barton—H.R. 2666 dated July 12, 2013. Obama might be willing to sign a bill with a revenue component.


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