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Established in 1967, EOLIS stands as the inventor of the legal recruiting industry, as a singular resource in counsel selection and as an innovative  leader in professional coaching.

The New York Times, in a profile story has said, "EOLIS connections tie together the legal fraternity" and in another feature story has highlighted EOLIS' for innovative negotiating strategies, designed to optimize career and life decisions.

Eolis International Group serves the legal profession and clients of legal services. Wendeen Eolis Enterprises serves a broad spectrum of top talent--beyond the Bar.

EOLIS looks to its  founder, Wendeen Eolis for ongoing inspiration and proudly supports her multi-dimensional outside  activities, most notably, her public service commitments. 

Breaking News: Small Law Firms New Stars

Small law firms with strong start up and mid-sized growing clients have catapulted into star status in the eyes of mid -sized  as well as national and global law firms that seek to infuse their practices with clients and talent for tomorrow.   

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PEP Principle Wins Big

Children frequently blur out whatever questions came into their heads unnerving adults by their brash simplicity.  More often than not they are basic questions designed to understand facts, and context  or to challenge parental authority: “Why are you asking?” and “What do you mean?” 

WPT Prez Pliska / Wendeen - Links to Toffler

WPT President Adam Pliska (WPT) and Wendeen talk about law and business, and social thinker Alvin Toffler.

2008 jitters all over again?

Did our clients benefit from our advice in 2008 or are they sitting ducks for another cataclysmic event just around the corner? We warned in September 2008, and warned again today: plan on working on extra hour each day and allocate the time specifically to new client development, and then breathe a little easier!

In a series of phone calls to senior partners of national law firms around the country earlier this week, few lawyers feel comfortable without a handsome book of business these days. The world of law is a business, development of clients is a sales activity, and the art of holding them lies in the skills of a soft spoken advisor who can manipulate hot buttons.


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