A World of Negotiating Experience

Established in 1967, EOLIS stands as the inventor of the legal recruiting industry, as a singular resource in counsel selection and as an innovative  leader in professional coaching.

The New York Times, in a profile story has said, "EOLIS connections tie together the legal fraternity" and in another feature story has highlighted EOLIS' for innovative negotiating strategies, designed to optimize career and life decisions.

Eolis International Group serves the legal profession and clients of legal services. Wendeen Eolis Enterprises serves a broad spectrum of top talent--beyond the Bar.

EOLIS looks to its  founder, Wendeen Eolis for ongoing inspiration and proudly supports her multi-dimensional outside  activities, most notably, her public service commitments. 

Breaking News: Small Law Firms New Stars

In search of manageable groups with specialty expertise, mid -sized  as well as national and global law firms are showing heightened interest in acquiring critical mass as much as quality talent.   

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EOLIS Career Coaching Tips

Define Your Negotiating Personality

Matching your negotiating strategies to  your negotiating personality is as critical to client development as it is making a deal or winning a case. There are four basic negotiating strategies.

Luther Kent / Wendeen Toasting New Orleans

Blues and country singer Luther Kent, a NOLA native, gives Wendeen a big hug during her annual post Katrina visit.. They celebrate the City's resurgence.

Celebrating Nelson Mandela Day

Celebrations with President Nelson Mandela are filled with food for the soul.  In their first meeting, Wendeen joined members of City Hall in welcoming President Mandela to the Gracie Mansion lawn.  They followed up with a chat in the Mayor's Library.


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