Overview - Public Service

The notion of terrorism on American shores was only an ephemeral image to most Americans  in the early 90's, even after the 1993 garage bombing at the World Trade. In that year Wendeen was making her way into the thick of the political maelstrom, on both sides of the aisle. Her experience as an attorney vetting expert had already been called upon by senior officials in the administrations of George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. And, she had been a close advisor to Rudy Giuliani-- in the course of his career in the private sector, government and his political campaigns for the NYC Mayoralty in 1989 and 1993--15 years.  Wendeen was not only a member of Mahyor Giuliani's transition team and inner circle, she was a senior advisor and confidant during in the first year of his administration. Rudy hobnobbed on both sides of the aisle and flip flopped on more than a few hot button issues; he learned lessons from the Bush clan, the Clinton clan and his own clan and introduced us to all the movers and shakers around.
Recruited by George Pataki during his candidacy for Governor, Wendeen accepted the opportunity  to do a stint in state government as the first woman to assume the role of First Assistant to the New York Governor. The Donald, as he was known in those years,  was a dashing man about town and in the casinos of Atlantic City that emblazoned his name on their entrances, burnishing his image even in the face of threatened business debacles. The brash CEO was never reluctant to ask for courtesies from the Mayor's Office and the Governor's Office, and folks like Wendeen  were "first responders," to consider those requests  Mr. Trump was always respectful and well-mannered and inclusive. There we are at Mara Lago gazing at the Palm Beach regulars about to join us at the pool party and for an evening of entertainment served up by the inimitable Wayne Newton,  who had no clue that HIS friend, Wendeen was in town.
WHE/RWG/Pres. Bush (41)
WHE/Barbara Bush
WHE/Pres Trump (1995)
WHE/President Clinton
WHE/Secretary Clinton

EOLIS supports the overseas public service initiatives for which Wendeen Eolis has responsibility ; vetting legal counsel prospects for legal affairs crisies arising from terrorist incidents and natural disasters. As the current Chief Operations Officer in command of Hope's Champion Task Force, she often invites members of her EOLIS'  law student intern program (a program she instituted in the late  60's) EOLIS  an opportunity to travel on important international assignments and in recent years, several of them have accompanied her on special assignments for the government.  

The seeds for her leadership of Hope's Champion Task Force were planted in Vietnam, where Ms. Eolis led a mission to assist Vietnam War widows since the the events of 9/11. She regards  public service and humanitarian initiatives of  HCTF as  labor of love. 


WHE/Her Dad/Gov. Pataki

Hope's Champion, Center Stage

Wendeen's dad and Governor Pataki toast her decision to follow in his footsteps as a public servant. In addition to the diverse crisis counseling projects, dating  back to the aftermath of the Vietnam War, EOLIS companies provide significant pro-bono manpower for HCTF mandates. EOLIS associates are also active in public affairs, not-for-profit boards, charitable foundations, and community-based advisory councils. 



David Axelrod/WHE/Karl Rove

Wendeen Works Both Side of the Aisle

Long before Wendeen joined David Axelrod and Karl Rove at a Temple Emmanuel gathering, she had crossed paths with both of them on vetting projects during the Presidential administration of George W. Bush and President Barack Obama.