Top Attorney Searches

Corporate Board Seat  Fortune 100  Company
NY headquartered entertainment/media comp[any subsidiary seeks  to fill currently open seat with experienced attorney bringing significant governance expertise to the table. Quarterly meetings plus committee responsibility
Law Firm Group-- Corporate-Mergers and Acquisitions 
Regional Firm  escalates efforts to create a national footprint with acquisition of a small firm with corporate finance practice that has outgrown its shell and seeks quality lawyers and practice with whom to grow.  Become big fish in well managed pond in an outpost that could become the leading office.
Law Firm Executive Director
AmLaw 200 Firm seeks senior level lawyer with minimum 10 years experience as Executive Director law firm setting;  overseeing all aspects of administration and finance. Firm seeks partner level capability  with plan to make this person a member of te senior policy making team working closely with partner COO and  Firm Chair.
Corporate-- Chief Legal Officer
Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company NY Metro area seeks partner from major law with specialized industry practice with varied client base. Minimum 20 years of experience moving up the ladder preferably includes  stint at law firm on management committee.
Institution- Senior VP Legal
Fortune 500 Financial Services Company, New York City seeks top manager to evaluate internal operation, oversight of external counsel,  outside counsel selection for bank clients as well as  inside staffing matters, corporate, regulatory and litigation functions. Preferably has some direct real estate experience in background.