Team Leaders Oversee Client Satisfaction

    Our deep bench of talent includes affiliated consultants, credentialed in law, business and social sciences. 

    About Our Team

    The EOLIS team is headed by Wendeen Eolis, often in partnership with members of our worldwide network of affiliated project directors, consultants and researchers.  Wendeen hand picks project directors, based on specialized expertise, as needed for the specific assignment, and can draw on EOLIS professionals experienced in legal practice, business operations, C-Suite policymaking, government affairs and human capital management. Our researchers include law students, MBA candidates and other graduate program attendees at top universities.

    EOLIS Philosophy

    EOLIS professionals subscribe to the EOLIS Commitment Pledge.

    Cultural Awareness - The Heart of the Deal

    Personnel assigned to overseas projects are fluent speakers and familiar with the local environment.

    EOLIS Affiliates 

    Our relationships with highly qualified partners have promoted global reach and are critical to maintaining our global footprint.