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    Yankees Boss Levine Huddles with Wendeen

    Wendeen says, “Randy Levine minds his business by speaking his mind–with equal parts knowledge and passion.” Best known as President of the New York Yankees, except to the lawyers on the other side of his fierce end game in the crunch of a tough labor negotiation, Randy Levine is a man who speaks his mind, […]
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    Wendeen Reconnects with President Obama

    Last week, Wendeen reconnected with a remarkably relaxed and refreshed President Barack Obama, outside Washington (which is where they first met in 2008).  The president was the quintessential starring attraction at the Streiker Center/Temple Emanu-el, in New York. After sampling chef Daniel Boulud’s signature short ribs (which Wendeen highly recommends), the President made his way […]
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    Thank You, President Hamilton

    It is reaffirming, uplifting and with extreme gratitude, I start the year by recognizing NYU President Andrew Hamilton who greeted me this past fall, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary my graduation from the University.  Andrew now fills the shoes of those who preceded him, including my favorite professor and advisor L. Jay Oliva who […]
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    Wendeen  recalls visit  with Israel’s Consul General, Ido Aharoni at his New York residence. It was an intimate gathering of members of the International Women’s Forum (WFNY), in advance of this year’s IWF cornerstone conference in Tel Aviv. Ambassador Aharoni and Wendeen chatted about their mutual community of interest and the solid  ties between Israel and New York. Mr. Ahoroni has been […]
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    Wendeen listened to the tribute to Nelson Mandela at his memorial service in Soweto with first-hand knowledge of the joy, strength, and pride the South African liberator brought not only to his people, but to all who he befriended. Wendeen was privileged to cross paths with him twice. On the first occasion at Gracie Mansion […]
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    At a Washington dinner Wendeen Eolis and MSNBC news anchor Mika Brezinski were curious guests of at a CPAC meeting; both had been invited by the sponsors; they chatted at their ringside table before the Latino band came out to play. Morning Joe Scarborough graced the ladies with his presence, coming down from his perch […]
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