Back in the Saddle!


    Wendeen Eolis says “The best medicine for broken bones are the calls, messages, and visits from friends, colleagues and caring family.” The secret is out! Wendeen was hit by a taxi after two eager cab drivers vied for the fare. One of them missed Wendeen, the other hit the unsuspecting pedestrian in flagged down mode — not quite head-on. But Eolis saved the day with a one-two punch to the medallion seal and then promptly fell to the ground.

    The rest has been history in the making; first a perfectly repaired leg, then surgeries 2 & 3 – a winning exacta in progress on the ankle and the foot. And she is told that her last surgery to her hand will definitively improve her penmanship!

    In the meantime, Wendeen has barely missed a beat. Clients are invited to trek uptown to EOLIS’s temporary headquarters —  otherwise known as the EOLIS “home office.” Stumptown coffee and summer fruits await all callers. Wendeen is neither meeting clients at the door nor shaking hands, but she’s all smiles and is getting on with the business at hand.

    With five cell phones at the ready and a newly installed multi-line telephone system, she moves swiftly from call to call. And she has mastered Skype, GoTo Meeting, and web based discussions that she had never planned but now adores.

    All in all the recovery has brought no shortage of challenges but also a book worth of wonderful experiences on the road to renewal. And most of all she cherishes her loyal client base that continues to have faith in her expertise and dedication. On her behalf, EOLIS partners, project directors and researchers remain at her side and thank one and all who have provided so much love and support through this unplanned adventure.