Renewal Comes in Many Forms


    It is week 11 since a taxi hit me and shut down my scheduled summer activities, but the reset button (multiple surgeries)  allows time for reflection, determined mending,  and the formulation of an ongoing plan of adventure, and continuation of the search for the perfected  Renaissance life.

    This afternoon I witnessed the beauty of a Nor’easter from my 15th-floor view of Central Park.  I am listening to Beethoven’s 3rd “Eroica” Symphony in all of its glory.  I am reading  Andrew Friedman’s “Chef, Drugs and Rock and Roll,” an ode to the world of chefs and foodies from the eighties, and thanks to Paul and Michael my faithful website and tech gurus,  I am feasting and so can you on the changing  landscape, each as worthy as a Monet water lilies scenes.

    The torrential rain is music to my ears.  The windy downpour created a virtual rainforest in front of the window; then,  a metamorphosis–light at the end of the tunnel, pierced clouds that revealed the magnificent architecture of the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

    On another day I could be rushing from one event to another without an umbrella, or I could be trying to flag down a taxi like every other rainy bird on the street below– hopefully at a crosswalk and whilst on the curb.  At this moment, however, I am thoroughly enjoying the intermittent throbbing water flakes. The sound and the fury of them signifies renewal.

    Left to ponder,  I cherish,  the calls, messages, and visits from family, colleagues, friends, and a world of interesting acquaintances who have been in touch- from around the globe. I have finally come to understand and appreciate the true value of social media that allow us to connect like never before.

    It sounds trite, but it is true that our lives can change in an instant. But, as long as we have Rudyard Kipling’s components of heart, nerve, and sinew, we can always be in the game knowing the best is yet to come. That’s my story, and I am sticking to it!