Candidate Recruitment

EOLIS is accustomed to building a high quality candidate universe, after researching the marketplace and meeting with candidate prospects,  personally. Our interviewing experience and "people reading" expertise are bonuses, regardless of the search option selected. Clients can rely on our prodigious efforts to find the needle in a haystack.


Eolis International Group counsels clients on streamlining techniques. In addition to providing executive search and recruiting/placement  services, we work with clients on the following:

Forming the Right Lateral Search Committee
Using Associates, Partners and Recruiters as Ambassadors
Internal Identification of Most Viable Prospects
Enhanced Interviewing Techniques
Focused Candidate Due Diligence

Candidate Confidential Registration Process

  • Lawyers are invited to submit biographical materials to
  • Candidate credentials are entered into the EOLIS proprietary database.
  • Resumes are evaluated promptly against search assignments.
  • Qualified candidate prospects are invited to visit with EOLIS.
  • EOLIS consultants visit with candidates prior to making referral to client.
  • Candidate qualifications are discussed with clients only upon prior consent.There is no cost to candidates who respond to our outreach or wish to register their credentials and experience in our proprietary attorney search database.

Search assignments include positions in law firms, businesses, corporate boards, and government; in legal, quasi legal and executive roles.  

Candidates accelerate job search goals and career transitions by consulting EOLIS professionals in Attorney Career Transition Services.