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    Hybrid Search Options

    Hybrid searches embrace traditional executive techniques but condense them to achieve a desirable balance between objectives and economies of scale and cost. They are ideal for clients that are eager, to pursue the most outstanding candidates but are not under critical pressure to complete a search. They can put boundaries on the costs, consistent with their appetite to test the waters.

    We are active listeners

    The Process

    • Client discussion to develop profile
    • Review of client materials
    • Candidate development
    • Review of candidate materials
    • EOLIS interviews of candidates
    • Candidate introductions
    • Ongoing evaluation of the "match"
    • Participation in employment negotiations

    Hybrid Retainers

    Hybrid searches are contracted on a partial retainer fee basis, providing a shorter timetable for our efforts and calling for the greater part of our compensation as a success fee.

    For clients who have a focused strategic plan but seek a middle ground between the more extensive activities and costs of a fuller retainer search and the less intense focus on a single job when engaged for contingency placements, a client may be best served by our unique hybrid programs.

     Exclusivity Agreements

    For law firms that wish to target candidates in a specific specialty-- partners and partner groups, or senior legal management and policymakers for corporate positions-- Eolis International Group invites you to engage an exclusive search for a two-week period.

    Get substantial attention on the recruitment of candidates based on "presentation fees" only until/unless the candidate is hired, at which time a full success fee is payable.

    Opportunistic Placement Services

    EOLIS clients are invited to list their current contingency placement searches, for our review and discussion with qualified candidates not under consideration for another  EOLIS search opportunity.  Employers are invited to register their opportunistic searches with EOLIS in accordance with our contingency fee schedule, terms, and conditions.