Attorney Career Transitions

    Eolis International Group's active career transition ("ACT" ) services are designed for senior level attorneys with a record of significant success and continuing appetite to grow, professionally and/ or to add another revenue stream.   JD ACT services are designed for lawyers focused on career aspirations.  Our consultants are collaborative, and we identify with your interests in expedited results and compensation worthy of what you bring to the party.

    Dial Up An ACT Plan

    We develop, collaboratively, biographical materials to ensure apt and compelling presentations of your goals.

    We help you to identify, organize,  utilize, and build your most valuable contacts--usefully.

    We introduce you to critical resources and innovative methods to expand key relationships and build new ones, wisely.

    We set in motion employer targeting methods/ campaigns that expand access points to elevated career options.

    We research latest marketplace conditions and develop best compensation prospects.


    ACT Consultation Menu

    • Biographical Material Review
    • Jump Start Search Plan
    • Employer/Board Seat Targeting  Plan
    • Contact Networking Plan
    • Public Profile Research Plan
    • Online Resources Plan
    • Compensation Analysis Plan


    • Individual Consultation Sessions 
    • Collaboration on Biographical Materiails 
    • Interview and Presentation Coaching
    • Networking Strategies
    • Employer  Sourcing
    • Outreaches to Decision Makers
    • Marketplace Research and Trend Studies
    • Negotiation of Employment/Separation Arrangements



    From  the beginning to the end of our engagement we focus on delivering  concrete career counseling, job search advice, strategic plans and follow up to succeed; development of relevant bio material, productive contact lists, orgainized networking data, opportunity grids,  interviewiewing rolling report, reference due diligence feeedback,  and more.