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    Coaching/Reputation Mgmt

    Manage your path!

    For a lawyer, successful career reputation management requires communication that resonates as proof rather than the promotion of your practice, performance, and intellectual assets.

    EOLIS advises individual attorneys in the development of biographical materials and presentation of your career arc.  We pay careful attention to your description of your legal talent, client experience, and relationships-- throughout the process--to promote the proof.

    With the benefit of your perspective together with validated database research and data scoring tools, we can help you to play to your special strengths.

    And we coach with a view toward capitalizing on your assets as perceived by others; colleagues, superiors, subordinates, social media connections, print, broadcast, and various digital media outlets.



    Your LinkedIn profile is the most important biographical document in your arsenal of biographical material (for all purposes). Today it is the critical underpinning for all biographical presentations.

    The decisions you take in the development of a LinkedIn profile and the additional (compatible) materials you select or decline to include as part of your presentation may define,  limit, or enhance your path.

    With EOLIS you have singularly qualified expert advisors that understand your practice, the available career options for lawyers in the legal/business and government marketplace and the nuanced packaging that is critical to avoid leaving a world of opportunities on the table.


    In addition to your LinkedIn profile, we may recommend additional biographical materials--ultimately, only those that resonate with you as a result of collaborative consultation!

    One Page Resume (Human Resources)

    Snapshot Resume (snapshot ),

    Job Resume,

    Board-Ready Resume (BODs)

    Work Matter Grid (CLO-C-Suites and BODs)

    Journey Document (chronicles big decisions-for C-Suites)

    Talking Points (Networking Development)

    Cover Letters (all recipients of written materials).

    Wikipedia Consulting  (for candidates that fit Wiki criteria for articles)


    Clients admire intellect and pragmatism

    Stepping Up in a Changing World

    • Offline/online self -protective measures
    • Social media integration
    • Public profile assessment  ( and SEO analysis) )
    • LinkedIn consulting
    • Wikipedia consulting
    • Media messaging
    • Thought leadership activities


    • Individual Consults:
    • Biographical Material Reviews
    • Presentation Primer
    • Social media Development
    • Collaborative development of a LinkedIn profile
    • Public Profile Assessments
    • Media Messaging
    • Wikipedia credential assessment; profile research reports
    • Website Development