Coaching/Reputation Mgmt

    Manage your path!

    If you think career reputation management begins with a marketing or communication initiative, think again. Successful career reputation management puts substance ahead of image. It begins with a fact-based assessment of significant events during the course of your career--as perceived by others; colleagues, superiors, subordinates, social media connections, print, broadcast, and digital media outlets.

    If like many busy professionals, your LinkedIn profile is mostly a cut and paste document from material in your resume or your website, you are leaving a world of opportunities on the table. Learn the most critical sections of your LinkedIn profile--and the potential benefits of an organizational makeover. Consider an overhaul!

    If you think that Wikipedia profiles are irrelevant to leadership optimization, learn how/why they add real credibility to your public profile--assuming you know what is necessary and take the critical steps to qualify under the current Wikipedia protocols which have become increasingly stringent.

    Wendeen Eolis' “Career Reputation Management" services are multi-faceted; they include development and assessment of biographical materials for job searches, corporate leadership collaboration, and board preparation.

    Consult Wendeen for an analysis of your public profile, development of materials, (including websites, LinkedIn profiles, and material for Wikipedia analysis of your public profile, social media communications, and media messaging strategies both online and offline.

    Individual consults, express projects, and longer-term programs are available based on priorities and specific goals.

    Eolis International Group brings more than five decades of results-oriented advice to highly accomplished lawyers concerning career management, notably including performance and practice objectives, aspirations beyond legal practice, corporate citizenship, and self-protective reputation management in a digital world.

    Clients consult with us on plans to "play bigger"--  in firm management,  the C-Suite, corporate boardrooms, and government.  Our services include thought leadership opportunities and crisis management as well as presentation coaching in biographical materials, networking, interviewing, and decision making.


    Clients admire intellect and pragmatism

    Stepping Up in a Changing World

    • Offline/online self -protective measures
    •  Social media integration
    • Public profile assessment  ( and SEO analysis) )
    • LinkedIn consulting
    • Wikipedia consulting
    • Media messaging
    • Thought leadership activities

    Partial Menu of Options:

    • Initial consult; review of bio/corporate materials
    • Career/leadership optimization via social media
    • Collaborative development of LinkedIn profile
    • Public profile assessments
    • Media  Messaging
    • Wikipedia credential assessment; profile research reports


    • Initial consultations
    • Collaborative development of a coaching plan
    • Working the room (from country club to boardroom)
    • Research  (Footnotes are verifiers)  
    • Communication with decision makers and media