Employer Targeting

Eolis International Group helps lawyers identify prospective employers and board seats opportunities. For clients that want a comprehensive overview  of marketplace opportunities, EOLIS  uses its proprietary data base in tandem with active research studies of the market place and additional data provided from client networking activities to develop high value  employer target lists.   

The Company also introduces partners, general counsels, legal executives, and politicos to networking processes that grow the right connections, exponentially and more expeditiously. And, EOLIS follows up-- helping  clients to identify, organize and pursue employer possibilities including unique opportunities in the C-Suite and on corporate Boards.

We Take Clients Through the Process of Engagement:

  • aggregating the list of valuable contacts
  • linking valuable contacts with prospective employers
  • making purposeful connections with decision makers
  • staying on top of potential opportunities
  • turning powerful contacts into effective reference providers