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    Due Diligence Activities

    Eolis International Group conducts a wide variety of due diligence reports

    • expert opinions for court cases and arbitrations
    • expert witness special reports
    • trend studies customs/practices in  legal professions
    • trending customs/practices in  legal recruiting
    • compensation surveys
    • white papers for lawyers consulting on legislation
    • law firm acquisition and firm merger prospects

    EOLIS serves, law firms, corporate law departments, corporate boards of directors and government agencies.

    Due Diligence Image

    Relevance is key

     Due Diligence Process

    • Sourcing Decisions
    • Compilation of Data
    • Sorting of Data
    • Footnote Selections
    • Verification
    • Reporting

    Due Diligence Results

    EOLIS due diligence reports reflect a three-pronged process we call the PP Principle: probe, evaluate and predict knowledgeably. Due diligence reports are customized to client needs and on occasion include collaboration with others beyond our noted expertise to assure full compliance with laws that affect "investigations."