Employment/Separation Agreements

    EOLIS  develops business terms in employment arrangements/separations including  a wide range of  services contracts, and partnership deals, with a deep understanding of both sides in the negotiation.


    We advise clients to consult counsel  before signing .

    Rules of the Road

    • Reality Check on Entitlement
    • Evaluation of Respective Positions
    • Recognition of Potential Exposures
    • Regard for Prospect of Future Crossed Paths

    Our company is hired by individuals and employers.  We work with human resources professionals and employment lawyers on employment terms, departures, career transition services, and  related matters, as needed. And, we collaborate  with executives on negotiation strategies for  contracts that may impact their lives--far beyond their workplace.

    EOLIS services are designed to enhance a contract's business terms; we collaborate on service contracts,  assess career opportunities, and resolve employment disputes amicably. EOLIS' record for resolving employment controversies for our clients without litigation  has been 100% successful for fifty years. 

    Please note: EOLIS does not offer any legal opinions/conclusions with regard to its contract negotiation services and recommends that clients retain counsel for the legal review of any contract prior to signing. EOLIS is experienced  in selection and retention of counsel. Please visit Counsel Reviews for further information.