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    Counsel Client Relations

    EOLIS International Group consultants focus on relationship counseling as the key to the growth of a client practice for law firms and satisfaction in the representation of clients. One benefit of regular in-depth reviews of the relationship is a sharp reduction of legal fee friction.

    Our relationship counseling engagements zero in on four points: quality of work product, timeliness of delivery of services, personal connection between the point persons, and costs. Each assignment begins with a Relationship Assessment and progresses in most cases with efforts to enhance the value of the collaboration on both sides.

    On occasion, issues develop that require detailed and challenging review of costs, but in most cases, our efforts are directed toward good faith negotiation and compromise on past matters with more attention on a cooperative and clear retention agreement going forward.



    EOLIS  approaches legal fee reviews with a reading of the retention agreement; it progresses with a discussion of issues in question; time records, staffing issues and duplication of work, billing rates and increases, and disbursements policies, management of case administration,  and intra-office conferences. But ultimately it's about the value of the relationship and "reasonableness" of costs.

    EOLIS is focused on relationship counseling as the path to fair and efficient billing practices. EOLIS legal fee reviews reflect the spirit and principles of the American Bar Association Rules of Professional Conduct.