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Our Latest Innovations

The EOLIS Aspirations/Suitability Evaluation (EASE) Score calculates, as a percentile figure, the viability of an introduction. Using proprietary algorithms based on the most reliable metrics, we hit home runs; one in three referrals results in an offer!

Social Media Counseling takes a deep dive into the the new essential --a perfected LinkedIn Profile- and collaborates on Wikipedia project development; targeting opportunities for lawyers who seek C-Suite roles and corporate board seats.

The  Attorney-Client Engagement  ("ACE") Diagnostics Checklist  identifies and addresses potential risks in the stability of the relationship between client and  outside counsel; putting a fine point on quality control of client -counsel  relationship .  

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A dramatically changing dynamic has surfaced in the recruitment and selection of C-Suite executives and corporate board candidates, from the legal profession, according to EOLIS' January trend study. Public profile and social media presence matters more than ever before for lawyers who...


Members of the elite Women's Forum of New York gathered, in advance of International Women's Day, for a unique seminar: Power Poker from the Board Room to the...


While the public hears, daily, from media and political pundits about the new President's contingent of advisors in the West Wing-- the name Don McGahn, Chief White House Counsel has yet to evoke a serious riffle.  But it is McGahn, who is likely to be in the center of...