Optimizing Legal Talent 

EOLIS celebrates its 50th anniversary with the introduction of three innovations: "EASE Scores" for search and vetting assignments, " LinkedIn Profile Assessment " for newly essential element in areer management, and a "Diagnostic Checklist" to prevent contentious counsel reviews    

The EOLIS Aspirations/Suitability Evaluation "Composite EASE Score calculates the viability of an introduction as a percentile figure. Based on EOLIS' highly refined proprietary algorithms, it predicts the prospects of a valuable introduction between partiesOur record speaks for itself; one in every three introductions results in an offer by the client.   

EOLIS elevates LinkedIn Profile Counseling with a deep dive into  LinkedIn optimization and hidden pitfalls. Part of our menu of Social Media Integration Services, it is designed for lawyers seeking legal management roles, corporate board seats and high level government appointments, .  

The  EOLIS Counsel Review  Diagnostic Checklist," tests the health of relationships between our client and  outside counsel. Reflecting the results of EOLIS' most recent survey of corporate client expectations of counsel, it is designed to avert the need for a legal fee audit or a change of counsel.

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