Optimizing Legal Talent 

EOLIS is a pioneer, innovator and leader-- 50 years of staying power! 

2017 Innovations

the EOLIS Aspirations/Suitability Evaluation (EASE) Score calculates, as a percentile figure, the viability of an introduction. Using proprietary algorithms based on the most reliable metrics, we hit home runs; one in three referrals results in an offer!

Social Media Counseling takes a deep dive into public profile assessment, self-protective online reputation management AND  the new essential --a perfected LinkedIn Profile; expanding client base, C-Suite prospects, corporate board opportunities. 

The  Attorney-Client Engagement  ("ACE") Diagnostics Checklist  identifies and addresses potential risks in the stability of the relationship between client and  outside counsel; putting a fine point on quality control in client -counsel  relationship .  

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EOLIS International Group CEO Wendeen Eolis (the Negotiating Ace) announced this morning that her interactive seminar, “Power Poker from the Board Room to the Card Room, showcased last month at the Friars Club,...


Wendeen and Al Gore meet up again in a different environment, before his presentation at New York’s most renowned and extraordinarily beautiful synagogue, Temple Emanuel. Last time around, Wendeen met with the former...


(NEW YORK, NEW YORK April 18, 2017) The matter of legal recruiting fees has become thornier than ever, as law firms, increasingly, seek to renegotiate placement fees—shortly before (and sometimes after) an offer has been made and accepted by a high- powered rainmaker....