Since 1967, EOLIS has nurtured relationships with discerning clients. Among them are law firms and companies/institutions in a wide range of industries. EOLIS has served as a special advisor to management, CEOs and Boards of Directors in the financial services, airline and entertainment /communications industries, and Wendeen Eolis brings to the table unique expertise and experience in the gaming  space.

EOLIS emphasizes customized services suitable to the individual client — in top level attorney searches, counsel reviews and attorney career transitions and other related human resources projects We makes powerful connections. We builds and grow relationships with clients that seek distinguished intellect, excellence in work product, and personalized service. EOLIS depends primarily on references and recommendations of satisfied clients and word of mouth for its assignments.   

Powerful Connections, Global Reach

We are in the Relationship Business!

  • We hope that once a client, always a client; we stay in touch. 
  • Client referrals are the lifeblood of our business. 
  • We appreciate  testimonials and endorsements
  • We value, equally, constructive feedback 

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