Coaching Alpha Personalities

EOLIS International Group CEO Wendeen Eolis (the Negotiating Ace) announces that her interactive seminar, “Power Poker from the Board Room to the Card Room. Showcased at the Friars Club, for members of the elite Women’s Forum of New York (WFNY), it is now available for corporate events, law firm retreats, and as part of a series of customized individual coaching sessions--for professionals and executives-- long on ambition and short on time to turn a negotiation into an enviable win.

Offering an innovative “playbook” for deal making, in any forum,  Wendeen  knows from whence she speaks; she has been interviewing lawyers for 50 years  (she invented  the legal search industry), and navigating corridors of political power almost as long  (she was the first woman ever appointed 1st assistant to the Governor) and the first woman to “cash” in the main event of the World Series of Poker. She counts 10 record-setting performances for a woman in major poker competitions around the world—in her spare time.

Customized for the demographics of her audience, Wendeen’s workshops get down to business, quickly, with a three-part program:  four key negotiating strategies that drive deal making;  tips to assessing negotiating DNA—yours and others; secrets to playing to YOUR personal strengths and concealing weaknesses. She quipped to her mostly female audience at the traditionally male dominated Friars Club, “Women win more by bluffing less!”

Each seminar is designed to educate and entertain. To prove her points at the WFNY event, she called on three eager attendees to leave the room while she assessed their “negotiating DNA,” based on a quick review of their high-profile biographies, and a few tidbits she got from interacting with them earlier in the seminar. Wendeen then brought them back into the room, used her most basic theories about negotiating DNA, and guessed the most and least favorite negotiating strategy of each one of them!

Wendeen’s program moves from negotiating strategies onward to the anatomy of people reading prowess, with an upfront warning: “Good listeners can be disastrous negotiators at any table, unless they hear and process accurately.” Revealing people reading secrets for women, at the Friars Club, one of New York’s last bastions of male rugged individualism, Wendeen got hearty laughs, and genuine applause when she explained how she overcame sexist abuse at her first poker tournament. She made a key decision on a hand, while staring at his most precious asset—not his chips.

Wendeen ticks off the surefire combination of verbal and behavioral people reading techniques to master, offering a primer of clever tips and tells at a poker table that travel well back to the office. And, she includes her foolproof observation to determine, if a person is happy to meet you—within seconds of an introduction! Wendeen closes every seminar with her mantra, “Poker is a mind-bending game of bets, raises, calls, and folds that is only sometimes played with cards.”

Wendeen’s seminars can include a No Limit Texas Hold'em competition at the felt. with crib notes explaining the basic rules of the road and tutors to assist at the tables. The alpha players bet their chips with highly calculated gusto!

Note: Recognized as the “Grande Dame of Poker” at the legendary World Series of Poker, Wendeen has played against the WSOP’s 2016 MVP in a riveting “heads up” hand on Poker Night in America (CBS Sports Network). For more information about Wendeen or to book Wendeen’s seminar: For further information and to book Wendeen: Email: or Tel: 212-472-4000