In this A&E Biography Close-up program Wendeen Eolis is one of five personalities profiled by Host Harry Smith who hones in on her experience in business, politics, and the legal profession, and other exploits from the kitchen to the card room. You can watch the video here, or click here to watch on YouTube.  

In the third segment of CourtTV's profile of Wendeen and her Las Vegas connections, Nancy Grace spotlights the commemorative chip issued in her honor at the World Series of Poker.

In an hour-long co-anchor role on CourtTV, Nancy Grace turns to Wendeen for insight on the gambling world of Las Vegas and the lifestyle of casino kings and their customers.

Part 1 starts in the courtroom during the notorious Ted Binion murder trial and then turns to an interview of Wendeen, a legal consultant and insider in the gaming industry and a poker player who knew the Binion family. Wendeen responds to Nancy Grace's warm-up queries about her professional career and connections to Las Vegas casinos and her experience as a poker player.

Wendeen's inaugural negotiation and people reading seminar for senior women executives; four critical strategies to elevate negotiating IQ, including introduction to advanced people reading principles required to excel! Venue: "Women in Business." event.