About EOLIS - Inventor, Legal Search Industry

    Wendeen H. Eolis established an attorney vetting/placement business in 1967 and founded EOLIS, Inc. the first search firm, exclusively for lawyers, in 1969.

    About EOLIS

    Wendeen H. Eolis, the founder of EOLIS  International Group, took her fascination with the legal profession like no one else.  In 1967, she formed an attorney vetting/placement service in a spartan flat, furnished with little other than the parchment that attested to her freshly minted philosophy degree from New York University and the spirit of an entrepreneur. 

    In 1969, assignments from Cravath Swain & Moore LLP and the New York Port Authority allowed Wendeen to move her nascent attorney placement business to office space in the heart of Manhattan.  She was on the road to a global footprint in attorney search and related legal consulting services.   

    EOLIS History in a Nutshell

    Attorney search ( was the first of our four related core businesses that optimize attorney and law firm talent under the umbrella of Eolis International Group. The Company's projects, since inception, have required top tier credentials, experience, and recognition within the legal profession.

    Assignments include searches and vetting of JD-credentialed candidates for C-Suite Roles, Corporate Board Directorships, and Senior-level Government Appointments, as well as a wide array of partner/shareholder and outside counsel law firm searches and vetting assignments.   We also have a notable specialty in collaborative career coaching/management for ambitious lawyers with endless aspirations, and unique expertise in legal marketplace consulting services.

    EOLIS is a pioneer, innovator, proven change agent,and leader in the industry.  

    Wendeen Eolis is the CEO of EOLIS. She is a certified employment consultant, a certified professional coach and a certified arbitrator (NY1974). 

    On the occasion of EOLIS's fiftieth anniversary, Wendeen returned to her roots as the quintessential innovator, this time with a commitment to a robust professional practice focused on advocacy for the inclusion of lawyers at the table in the Boardroom.   

    Wendeen Eolis Enterprises sets policies and standards for operations of EOLIS International Group including all affiliates and affiliated consultants performing services under the EOLIS International Group banner.

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