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    Attorney Searches and Vetting Services

    Boardroom Searches/Vetting Assignments
    Special Counsel;  Government Appointments
    Corporate Law Departments: CLOs and GCs
    Law Firm Partners/Groups/Mergers

    Search/Vetting Process 

    EOLIS recruits and vets senior-level lawyers, with exceptional credentials, proven expertise, considerable experience, and endless aspirations to "play bigger."

    Candidate Research and Development

    EOLIS meets with every candidate either in video conferences or in-person; often in multiple meetings to assure completion of the important probing discussions required to evaluate the mutual suitability of the potential match.


    EOLIS Executive Search/Vetting Methodology

    • Initial client conferences; client profile data, specifications
    • Research and development of candidate universe
    • Candidate meetings with EOLIS
    • EOLIS client briefings
    • Client/candidate briefings
    • Negotiations and offer discussions
    • Customized Vetting Activities
    • Reference Checks

    Candidate Registration Process

    • Lawyers are invited to register their biographical material at: eolis@eolis.com
    • Candidate credentials/experience/expertise is entered into the EOLIS proprietary database.
    • Completed Inquiry Forms are required for consideration of specific searches
    • The suitability of one or more searches is then evaluated, promptly.
    • Qualified candidate prospects meet with EOLIS, prior to any meeting with an EOLIS client.
    • Candidate qualifications are discussed with clients, based on the requirements of the search.
    • There is no cost to search-qualified candidates to complete registration in our proprietary attorney search database.
    • Candidates may accelerate job search goals and career transitions by consulting EOLIS's career management division.


    EOLIS helps clients in searches for suitable law firm representation; special counsel and replacement of conflicted counsel. EOLIS also reviews relationships between in-house lawyers and outside law firms to evaluate opportunities for improvement.

    Opportunistic Placement Recruiting--On Occasion

    EOLIS clients are invited to list their long-range search goals for our review and discussion with qualified candidates not under consideration for another EOLIS search opportunity. Opportunistic searches are available on a contingency fee basis only to current and previous EOLIS clients and in accordance with EOLIS's standard contingency fee schedule provisions.


    EOLIS searches, vetting projects, and legal consulting activities are retainer-based and thereby allow for clients the necessary allocation of time and effort to identify, court, and vet true superstars with the requisite chemistry to fit the needs of the anticipated role. For further information regarding search services and applicable fees employers may contact eolis@eolis.com or call 212-472-4000.

    Note: EOLIS's searches, vetting assignments, and reference checks are performed in compliance with relevant statutes, particularly including provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.