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    Eolis Institute for Leadership

    Wendeen at her NYC headquarters office.

    The seeds for Eolis Institute for Leadership were planted by EOLIS founder,  Wendeen H. Eolis. Also, the founder and first president of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants NALSC) Wendeen committed to the founding membership completion of two objectives in year one; establishing a Code of Ethics and an educational conference.

    She made good on both, completing the ratification of a Code of Ethics and holding an educational conference. She presided over the NALSC's First Annual Conference as Chair of the NALSC at her Company's townhouse headquarters, to host the NALSC 's First Annual Conference.

    The successful meeting ignited brainstorming that resulted in her hosting evening salons, then evening workshops, and ultimately a broad range of programs and speaking engagements that melded Wendeen's growing range of experience, in business, politics, and poker tournament competition.

    Under the banner of EOLIS Institute for Leadership, Wendeen has designed hundreds of workshops, seminars, and public speaking engagements to provide advanced training in the optimization of decision strategies.

    The Institute offers collaborative one-on-one coaching, small workshops, seminars, and master classes designed to elevate and refine strategies, manage relationships, negotiations, business plans, career aspirations, interview presentations, and career opportunities.

    Unlock Your Negotiating DNA Power

    Wendeen, an internationally recognized championship poker player often uses gambits from the poker table as a metaphor for effective strategies in complex transactions in situation rooms and board rooms. At every turn, she reminds her audiences to play their potential. She explains that the power of potential puts bluffing to shame.  She has designed and customized available workshops, seminars, and motivational speaking engagements produced by the Institute, to explore alternate paths to mastery of negotiating expertise.

    She advises clients, politicians, and all manner of "power poker players" on effective negotiating strategies; for law firm partner interviews, dicey debates in corridors of political power, and deliberations in corporate boardroom proceedings. And she knows from whence she speaks! Wendeen took her negotiating acumen acquired in business and public service to the tournament poker scene. She became the first woman, ever, to take down a piece of the prize in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker.

    Master 12 Point People Reading System


    Public Speaker

    Wendeen's seminar for leading executives held at the Friars Club.


    Her seminars for Bar Associations, law firms, university programs, associations, and boards of directors (among others), link principles of poker to the 4 negotiating strategies that are critical to master to be an expert negotiator.

    In 2022 she became a member of the "invitation only "Forbes Business Council, where she has been featured on expert panels and is regularly solicited to write articles that relate to her unique expertise in verbal people reading techniques and analyses of negotiating tactics in business meetings and boardrooms.

    Print and Broadcast Journalist

    A journalist with decades of writing experience, for business, legal, and poker publications, Wendeen has written hundreds of articles on legal/business affairs and gaming/poker matters, for a wide range of print and online publications. The American Lawyer's New York Law Journal, Women in Business, and PokerPlayerNewspaper (1975-2015) are notable among them.

    Wendeen's purview for negotiations is informed by her role as CEO of an international executive search firm for lawyers, her training as a certified professional coach, many thousands of deals based on the collaboration of parties, and her diverse experience in government and public affairs.

    As the first woman to cash in the main event of the World Series of Poker, and the first woman to do so twice, she has yet more reasons to understand negotiating prowess and know from whence she speaks!

    Wendeen translates her trademark as a change agent in the legal profession, the C-Suite, courtrooms, boardrooms, local politics, international government affairs, and card rooms into speaking engagements and writing gigs that teach and entertain audiences with plenty of Aha moments.

    Wendeen's experience in business, the legal profession, politics, government, and card rooms is intertwined in her humorous analysis of  heart-wrenching and hair-raising vignettes; count on her to take responsibility for her own trials and for offering laudatory explanations of others' triumphs.