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    Wendeen at her NYC headquarters office.

    A journalist with decades of writing experience, for business, legal and poker publications, Wendeen has written hundreds of articles on legal/business affairs and gaming/poker matters, for a wide range of print and online publications. The American Lawyer's New York Law Journal, Women in Business, and PokerPlayerNewspaper (1975-2015) are notable among them.

    In 2022 she was invited to become a member of the Forbes Business Council, which provides an ideal outlet for her to share her verbal people reading techniques and analyses of negotiating tactics in business meetings and boardrooms.

    Her seminars for Bar Associations, law firms, and university programs (among others) address executives, professionals, government officials, special talent, and other "power poker players." Wendeen seamlessly links principles of poker to the combination of art and science that is part of negotiations across the board of life. Her parting words: "Constantly assess your potential to win--and make the most of it."

    Wendeen Eolis is a speaker who optimizes negotiating strategies for deal-making at any table--always mindful of the power of common sense and the foundation for success-- her 3D philosophy of discipline, desire and determination and she often pauses long enough to smell the flowers!


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    Wendeen's experience in business, the legal profession, politics, government, and card rooms is intertwined in her humorous analysis of  heart-wrenching and hair-raising vignettes; count on her to take responsibility for her own trials and for offering laudatory explanations of others' triumphs.

    Wendeen's purview for negotiations is informed by her role as CEO of an international executive search firm for lawyers, her training as a certified  professional coach, many thousands of deals based on collaboration of parties, and her  diverse experience in government and public affairs. As the first woman to cash in the main event of the World Series of Poker, and the first woman to do so twice, she has yet more reasons to understand negotiating prowess and know from whence she speaks!

    Wendeen translates her trademark as an innovator and change agent in the legal profession,  the C-Suite, courtrooms, boardrooms, local politics, international government affairs, and  card rooms into speaking engagements and writing gigs that teach and  entertain audiences with plenty of Aha moments.

    Wendeen seamlessly links principles of poker to the art and science of all negotiations, while cautioning her audiences on the dangers of falling in love with “power poker plays” in negotiations beyond the felt!

    Wendeen's seminar for leading executives held at the Friars Club.

    Wendeen's interactive seminars and motivational speaking engagements demonstrate effective interviewing techniques, the wisdom gained from varied experience and  principles of power poker  that promote negotiating excellence.

    Wendeen's writing assignments include penetrating profiles, deep investigations into business practices, and  the successes and slips of negotiators of every conceivable stripe.