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    JD Careers / Transitions

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    EOLIS's Attorney Career Transition Services Division-"ACTS: are designed for exceptionally talented attorneys with in-depth legal expertise,  gained either in a law firm, corporate law department setting, or in a highly regarded government agency (or some combination) preferably with leadership experience--practice or operations management, or policymaking experience. EOLIS ACT clients have endless aspirations and collaborate with EOLIS on their preparation needs and prospects for upward mobility --CLO and C-Suite positions and public company board seat roles.

    EOLIS maintains a unique practice specialty in board room advisory services; it includes vetting lawyers and law firms for special counsel roles and placement on public company boards.  Qualified candidates must provide in advance of EOLIS recommendations substantial evidence that speaks to their in-depth legal expertise, solid business judgment,  and thought leadership as well as the temperament necessary to pivot successfully into these roles.

    Email: eolis@eolis.com or call: 212 .472.4000 for more information.


    EOLIS Helps Lawyers Cross the Bridge to Their  Greatest Aspirations

    EOLIS International Group coaching and transition services are designed for achievers who aspire to play bigger; emphasis is on career optimization-- career reputation management,  negotiation strategies, new/additional revenue streams, and forward-leaning presentation of credentials and experience.

    The Company puts discipline, desire, and determination center stage as the tripartite philosophy that promotes excellence.

    For further information, please contact A. Minster, Director
    Phone: (212) 472-4000
    Email: eolis@eolis.com


    Attorney Career Transitions

    Eolis International Group's attorney career transition ("ACT") services cater to highly credentialed lawyers with substantial legal experience, equal wisdom, and endless aspirations. EOLIS


    Productive Engagement

    From the beginning to the end of our engagement we focus on delivering concrete career counseling advice regarding rainmaker practice opportunities, senior management, and policymaking roles,  strategic plans for transitions into the C-Suite,  corporate board director service,  and top government positions.


    • Public Profile Assessments
    • Career Arc Reviews
    • Presentation Strategies
    • Biomaterial- Prep/Refreshment
    • Interview Coaching
    • Market Watch Lists
    • Employer Targets
    • Board Seat Dynamics
    • Placement Referrals
    • Employment/Separation Arrangements

    Career Management and Transition Planning Services may also include:

    Contact Network Mapping, Media Training, Thought Leadership/ Writing Activities, Website Development, Wikipedia Consulting,