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    Attorney Search Commitment Pledge

    EOLIS's Attorney Search Commitment Pledge sets forth the Company's Code of Ethical conduct and serves as the foundation on which the Company has built its Search Operations and relationships with EOLIS's clients, candidates,  project partners, and directors, licensees, affiliated consultants, agents, and representatives.



    EOLIS conducts its business in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism and holds itself responsible not only for meeting applicable legal requirements but also for adopting exemplary practices in attorney search and related legal consulting services. Toward this end, EOLIS conducts a yearly survey of clients,  candidates, and members of the EOLIS corporate family who contribute anecdotal reports. We welcome your feedback - anytime.


    • Information provided to clients is the most complete and accurate information known to EOLIS, except in the event of a superseding confidentiality obligation.

    • No information, which the client would reasonably consider essential to a decision, will be withheld without being advised that EOLIS possesses relevant information that it is not at liberty to disclose.  EOLIS alerts clients appropriately, in such circumstances.

    • EOLIS refers candidates to clients upon explicit authority to do so.

    • Due diligence reports, pertaining to individual lawyers, are conducted in strict accordance with applicable laws, and reference checks for employment may be conducted upon written consent of the candidate.

    • EOLIS maintains a strict policy of confidentiality of materials and information provided by a client (so long as they are neither publicly disclosed nor available through other resources) except to the extent that clients provide information to assist us in conducting appropriately discrete discussions on their behalf.

    • Clients' private financial documentation is not transmitted to others except with prior consent of the client, except in the course of a legal proceeding, in which case EOLIS reserves the right to act on the advice of its own counsel.

    • EOLIS refrains from recruiting candidates placed with a client as follows: 2 years, within the specialty practice group; 1 year in all other groups provided the employer has fully paid the placement transaction fee in accordance with the EOLIS fee/guarantee/terms schedule.  EOLIS also refrains from recruitment of lawyers from any law firm at which EOLIS is engaged in active referrals, for a minimum of 90 days from the last meeting between the employer and an EOLIS candidate.

    • EOLIS refrains from identifying specific client projects publicly unless publicly disclosed by others,  as specifically agreed, or in connection with a legal proceeding.


    • Information provided to candidates shall be the most accurate information known to EOLIS.

    • EOLIS shall not withhold employer information, which a candidate would reasonably consider essential to his or her decision, to become employed by that employer, subject to the search firm's duties to the employer.

    • Lawyers may be submitted to employers as referred candidates only upon the lawyer's  express consent or specific agreement to meet with the employer; once a candidate has given such consent, EOLIS' referral for an appointment is not reversible

    • EOLIS treats as confidential all information supplied to it in confidence by a candidate, subject to EOLIS'  obligations to the employer.

    • EOLIS informs search candidates of the results of its presentations in a timely manner.

    • EOLIS  shall advocate for a client  and/or a candidate based on a professional opinion of the worthiness of a match, but shall not attempt to exert undue influence or otherwise coerce either side into consideration of a placement transaction with EOLIS


    • Affiliates are responsible for conducting their relationships with EOLIS and EOLIS clients and colleagues in a professional and ethical manner and consistent with the EOLIS  Commitment Pledge.

    • Affiliates may but are not required to identify themselves as EOLIS affiliates except if specified in an agreement between the parties for a particular assignment.


    • EOLIS is an equal opportunity employer and is deeply committed to the language and spirit of all applicable laws related to equal employment opportunity and the promotion of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. EOLIS refers candidates without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, religion, sexual preference, marital status, gender, handicap, age, or any other legally proscribed criteria.

    • EOLIS policies never intend to cause a conflict with its legal obligations under applicable statutes, regulations, and ordinances. Moreover, EOLIS policies do not supersede or replace any of the Company’s contractual obligations as detailed in a written mutually signed agreement.

    • EOLIS supports environmental awareness, social responsibility and best practices in corporate governance.

    For the avoidance of doubt, the EOLIS Commitment Pledge is a representation ONLY of  the Company's "best efforts."  

    Note: The EOLIS Commitment Pledge was last reviewed and updated January 2020.